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About Golden Living Company

Enjoying by Specialists in Production in the world and processing Red Jeweled in Iraq, Refreshing and rejuvenating herbal product, Golden Living Saffron shown and offer in the worldwide.

The purpose of Golden living Company, offering this product by High Quality; Applying skills and the expertise of experienced personnel in the world.

Golden Living Company is One of the largest companies in the Middle East because We research, and We have activity in this field for many years and having many Technical expertise and Office facilities. In fact, the purpose of Saffron production is Community health.

Golden Living Company products Saffron without any middlemen production, quite direct, and We have various Acknowledgement in fairs world.

The most important measures of the company contain Leader in manufacturing, packing and scientific processing of this product Because we want to have the best product in the Western products.

We are proud to have taken a successful step in introducing this low-cost gold medal with the help of the world-renowned experts in the field of scientific and experimental research in the field of Iranian Negin Saffron production and processing. This plant is a product of plant vigor and rejuvenation, Golden Living Saffron. Acted all over the world

We are proud to announce that Golden Living Company, with the aim of providing this exceptional product at a very high-quality level, using the expertise and expertise of our experienced staff, trying to offer a great deal of value to the world around the world. The world of food products to the world. after decades of working on this valuable product and gaining experience and expertise based on the rich and valuable experiences in this field.

Golden Living Company is one of the largest companies in terms of the technical staff (specialized technical information) and the offices of one of the largest Food products are in the Middle East. 

Golden Living Saffron, with the backing of its many years of experienced members in the production, processing, and marketing of Saffron, has started its official activities with the goal of the further health of the community. 

Golden Living Company has announced to the world, through various honors at different exhibitions of the world, that it produces Saffron directly and without any intermediary, and delivers the highest quality in a variety of beautiful and diverse packaging to consumers around the world.

History of Saffron

Ghaenat Saffron is planting more than 3000 years old. This colored plant is without Stem and bulb because It grows in desert soil and famous the red gold or gold desert. This plant requires little water and Soil fertility and grows about 15 to 20 years.

in fact, drying and dried stigmas of this plant can be used after drying. Of every 110 to 170 fresh flowers, 1 gram will be obtained and from about 150,000 flowers 1 Kilogram will be obtained.

Saffron is a very expensive product because of Restrictions on cultivation and production.

Saffron is Machinery and industrial plant, some person believe the origin of saffron is Median land and some people know which grow Wider area of the Earth including Greece, Turkey, Iraq, and Central Asia.

What is the quality of Ghaenat Saffron? Why is saffron prowess rest of the world better?

The major reason for the quality of Ghaenat Saffron is Above sea level, Climate and Weather in the region that Growing saffron is Very compatible. Of course, some old aqueduct like Shahik, Zebra, Dastik has abundant minerals that can be involved Increase the quality of Ghaenat Saffron.